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Yes - Free Stencils - With "No Catch"

Make Money From Home!

It is very rare when you have a chance to get in on the "ground floor" of something absolutely New.   Here are stencils that you can easily make in just minutes using your own ideas, artwork or designs and your computer and a new very inexpensive Stencil Maker.  And best of all they are reusable and even the most complicated stencils can be made without any "cutting out with exact-o knives".  This is really new and there is nothing on the net that is even close!

Would you like to know what your Free Stencils can do for you? There are so many possibilities - use your imagination to come up with a great new home business to make some money now...simply check out the pages of ideas on this website or read an article with some ideas how to make this into a side income for your family in these hard times.  You can do it and we can help.  Here is the info.

Revolutionary New Stencil Making Idea

Stencil Making UnitNow You can make Craft Stencils, Art Stencils, Paint Stencils or almost any kind of stencils with your own Creative Artwork, Custom Designs, Company Logos, or Ideas in just Minutes for Pennies.  You do it by using your own Computer and a new very inexpensive Ultra-Violet Stencil Maker.  And the stencils you make can be extremely intricate or simple, it doesn't matter.  Even the most complicated stencils can be made in just minutes and are Reusable and ready for use over and over again. These are NEW and there is NOTHING Like it on the Internet Today!

This is the Future of Stencil Making

No more cutting out stencils with an Exacto Knife. No more looking all over the internet for "just the right stencil" or going from store to store hoping you will find a stencil that will "do".  Those days are completely "Over".  That is the Old Way and you will be extremely happy with this "New" system of simply using your computer, your creative ideas and this new U.V. Stencil Maker.  It is Fast, Very Easy, Simple to do and Inexpensive.  And Best of all You Can Do It and your stencils will be Professional Quality every time!

Here is how it works

  • You simply create your own creative artwork, custom designs, company logo, or text copy on your computer.  You can even go on the net and find and use any "un-copywrited" artwork, designs or clip art.
  • Next you print out your copy on a transparency sheet (which comes in the kit) and use this along with an undeveloped sheet of Dura-Film stencil material and place both into the New Stencil Maker. 
  • Then turn on the Stencil Maker for about two minutes and remove the stencil and develop. 
  • In Less than 5 minutes you have a Perfect stencil with all of your artwork and designs on it and ready to be used dozens or even hundreds of times to either Paint on anything that will accept paint such as wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, fabric, etc. or you can also use these same stencils to Etch On Glass, mirrors, marble, ceramic glazes, or even glass awards and trophies using glass etching cream.  What could be easier and more versatile?

Stencil SizesStencil Sizes

With it you can make stencils that are as small as 2"x 2" on up to 10"x 12" and everything in between at one time. 

Bonus: the same stencils can be used even to "etch on metal" with a special electrolyte and the marks are exactly the same as you find on your kitchen knife blades or on wrenches or any of hundreds of other marks on metal.  And these marks take only seconds and are permanent and will last the life of the item. 

Creative Freedom

Now you have the freedom to create all of the hundreds of projects you have always wanted to but never felt that you had the time to do.  Now it is Easy and Fast and the results are very professional.  Also, you can save your stencils and go from one project to the other using either paint or etching cream since your stencils are reusable and can be dried off and filed for your next project.  In fact they can even be used for "production" runs when you need to reproduce your project over and over for sale or to supply your friends or maybe for a charity event.  Here is a new Idea that you must explore now while there are specials on that you don't want to miss.

Transparency Film

Transparencies are used for printing the copy or designs created on your computer. They are then placed in the UV Dura-Film Stencil Maker and transferred onto a piece of unexposed Dura-Film stencil. Please specify laser or inkjet, depending upon the type of printer you use.
Available Size: (Inkjet and Laser Available)
10 Pack 81/2" x 11"



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If you have any questions or need a helping hand with you stencils - Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-775-0797, we have live people answer your questions between the business hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Pacific Time - Washington State).

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Etched Christmas Tree Ornament
Etched Christmas Ornament
Custom Art Rubber Stamp
Custom Rubber Stamp
Glass Photo Keepsake Ornament
Photo Keepsake Ornament